Can I transfer digital assets I have from other platforms onto Fasset's P2P Platform?

You can only receive digital assets in your P2P wallet via trading on the platform or from your Spot wallet used in the Fasset Exchange. Note that the wallet address of your Spot wallet can only receive digital assets from external sources.


In order to transfer digital assets into your Fasset P2P wallet from your Spot wallet, follow the steps below:


Step 1:


Click on the "Import Crypto" option on your account overview page.


Step 2:


Click "Send" for the specific digital asset you would like to transfer to your P2P wallet.


Step 3:


You will be taken to this page, and click on the "Internal Transfer" button.


Step 4:


Set the transfer destination to your P2P wallet and insert the amount you want to transfer.


Once that is done, click submit and wait for your P2P wallet to receive the digital assets you have sent.