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Deposit into wrong token addresses

If you have deposited a coin into the wrong coin address, this is known as a cross-chain deposit.

Token recovery in this case is a highly complex and a manual procedure, and Fasset cannot guarantee a successful outcome. Not all deposits are recoverable. Furthermore, there are different levels of difficulty, time, and security risk involved in each recovery, depending on the currency that has been mistakenly sent to an address.

Note: Fasset recommends all customers exercise extreme caution and attention to detail when depositing tokens into the exchange. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the transfer of assets to the user's account in Fasset is done correctly.

Cross-chain recovery requests may be submitted for amounts exceeding $1,000 equivalent at the time of the transaction, subject to the following procedures:

  1. Fasset will initially evaluate and assess if the recovery is feasible. If after this evaluation, recovery is deemed not to be viable, at Fasset's sole and absolute discretion, the coins will unfortunately not be recovered. This evaluation is final. If it is decided that a recovery will be tried, Fasset will attempt a recovery, but a successful outcome is not and cannot be guaranteed.

  2. A fee on full or partial recovered deposit will be applied. The fee will be deducted from the deposit that Fasset will credit to the customer's wallet.

  3. There is no time frame or limit for any discretionary recovery process to be undertaken by Fasset, so we urge you to be patient. Do patiently wait to be notified. There are no potential updates that Fasset can or will communicate before the process is completed. 

Note: Deposits of unsupported tokens (including tokens on the incorrect chain) are not recoverable.

If you wish to submit a recovery request, please submit a support ticket here, providing the following: 

  1. Coin name;
  2. Deposit address;
  3. Amount; and
  4. Transaction ID;