Fasset Education Hub

Can I sign up for the Education Hub using my existing Fasset account?

To sign up for the Education Hub, you must create a new account. You are able to sign up to the Education Hub using the email you have used to create your Fasset exchange account.


How do I save my Education Hub progress?

By creating an account to sign up for and use the Education Hub, all your progress will automatically be saved.

You can always come back and pick up right where you left off!


Why do I have to go through certain courses if I only want to learn other crypto-related things instead? Can I skip courses?

Fasset Education Hub is designed to help guide any person completely new to the world of Cryptocurrency and know the basic fundamentals of the industry.

Our module is created with a step-by-step sequence which may not make sense to skip through. This is because some concepts may require you to understand other preceding concepts beforehand to familiarise yourself with.