Fasset’s Gift Vouchers

Introducing Fasset's innovative new product, a groundbreaking way to connect with your loved ones: Cryptocurrency Gifting. Elevate the art of giving to a whole new level by sending gifts that transcend traditional boundaries. With Fasset's visionary approach, you can now bestow the power of cryptocurrency upon your friends and family, fostering not only personal growth but also contributing to a cycle of sustainable prosperity.


What should you know before purchasing one?

  1. The gift vouchers are not redeemable to the buyer.
  2. The gift voucher is to be redeemed in USDT which is equivalent to the amount of the gift voucher (in IDR) and it will be credited to your Fasset wallet.
  3. The gift voucher cannot be exchanged with another recipient.
  4. Vouchers are only to be redeemed in the Fasset app.