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How to Reset Google Authentication?

If you have lost your mobile, or it has been stolen, or the Google Authenticator application has been removed from your device, there are 2 ways that you can access your account:

Contact Customer Support

If you do not have access to your configuration key that was provided to you upon enabling the Google 2-factor authentication (2FA) application at first, then you should follow these steps to disable Google 2FA and regain access to your account:

Step 1: 
Create a support ticket at help@fasset.com

Step 2: Attach a selfie of you holding a paper with the following handwritten on it (Please ensure your face and the message are clearly visible):

  • Your name
  • Registered email
  • Date of request
  • "Reset 2FA for Fasset”

Step 3: Submit a support ticket

Step 4: After we have verified your identity, we will disable your account's Google 2FA within 48 hours

Here is an example of how you can create a support ticket: 

Subject: Reset Google 2FA


Hi, my name is John Doe. I have lost my phone and am unable to access my Google 2FA. I have attached a selfie of myself with the following written on a piece of paper.

Please disable my 2FA on my account so I could log in and set up a new 2FA.

Thank you.

Selfie example:

2FA reset


Reset two-factor authentication using the configuration key

If you have saved a copy of the configuration key, which was provided to you when you enabled two-factor authentication, follow these steps to reset the two-factor authentication application using the configuration key. This way you can regain access to your account. Here is an example of what the configuration key looks like 👉🏼 77PJ77RTGGPPVWQHWIIQG2VPGRKSF6HNS

 Google Authenticator

  1. Download and open the Google Authenticator app

  2. Select get started and add an account using Enter a key option provided

  3. Enter an account name, type your configuration key in the Your key field, keep the timed option selected, and select the Add button

  4. Congratulations! You have reset your 2FA, and you can now log into your Fasset account

📝 Once your 2FA is disabled, you will need to set up your 2FA on your new device or the device you wish to use.