I can't sign in to my account!

It is vital to keep your password safe to safeguard your account. If you forget or lose your password, you can do the following to reset it.

Reset your password

Step 1: Go to the Fasset login page and click on “Forgot Password” on the bottom left.

forgot password

Step 2: You will need to insert the email address that is associated with your account. Enter your email and click the “Continue” button.

forget password 2


Step 3: You'll be receiving an OTP code via email and enter the code given.

otp code

Step 4: Enter your new password. You are required to use a sufficiently strong password with more than 7 characters. Once you have entered your new password, click continue to save the password.

new password

Congratulations! You have successfully changed your password and you can begin trading!

⚠️ Warning

For security purposes, withdrawals are prohibited 24 hours after the password reset.