Why my KYC keeps getting rejected?

Before you can fully experience trading in Fasset, getting your account verified is the most important part (read here for a more detailed explanation).


There are a few reasons why your KYC keeps getting rejected:

  1. The chosen country does not match the issued ID or passport. Make sure that you select the right country before scanning your ID or passport. For example, if you own an Emirates passport or ID, you have to select UAE as your country.
  2. Poor source of lighting. Before taking a selfie, make sure you have a good source of lighting. The system would not be able to detect your face if the lighting is poor or too dark.
  3. Fraud attempts. For fraud attempts, your account will not be verified and you will not be able to use the exchange.
  4. System issue

If you have followed the right procedures and still get rejected, please reach out to our customer here.